Electronic Digital Cabinet Lock

As one of the Professional Electronic digital cabinet lock suppliers in China, ShineACS provide smart keypad digital cabinet door locks for sliding doors, two-way drawers, file cabinet, cupboards, kitchen, display cases, showcase, and storage doors.

What is a digital cabinet lock? A digital cabinet lock is a small electronic cabinet lock suitable for fixing cabinets and drawers.

By entering the code on the keyboard, you can access it instead of using keys. If you do not have a code, you will not access the cabinet or cabinet items.

The apparent benefit of keyless entry is that you don’t have to manage keys. Keys are often lost and must be replaced when replaced. If the key is stolen, the entire cabinet lock may need to be replaced.

If you are managing many different keys and key holders, problems may arise. It is much easier to manage the access codes on the locks of digital locks for cabinets than to take hundreds of keys. Use the master password to delete and reset the user password.

  • Anti-prying: Because this cabinet with digital lock does not have a place to put the key, it can prevent thieves from breaking in because the anti-theft cannot pry the digital cabinet lock.
  • No keys: You do not have to carry a large number of keys, and the possibility of loss or theft is less.
  • Control: In a company building, you can control and restrict who enters which part of the building. Residents and landlords of apartments and apartments can also use a PIN code to control who can enter their room, reducing the risk of anything stolen.
  • Beautiful: The door key cabinet digital lock can adopt various fashionable colors, which looks smart and professional.
  • The Electronic digital cabinet lock kit can be used widely for supermarkets, sauna clubs, GYM, swimming stadiums, libraries, factories, and offices.
  • Multiple Unlock Modes: 1. Password (one-off password mode for a public locker, fix multiple passwords mode for the household), 2. ID Card or RFID Wristband / Tag, 3. ID Card / Wristband / Tag + Password Combination.
  • It can provide good safety protection of your personal items while protecting your privacy. It also can improve children’s safety at home, avoid your children or kids free to open drawers or cabinet doors.
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