Electronic Bluetooth Cabinet Lock

As one of the Professional Electronic Bluetooth cabinet lock suppliers in China, ShineACS provide invisible hidden electronic cabinet door locks for drawers, cupboards,  kitchen, display cases, showcase, and storage doors.

Bluetooth cabinet lock is an intelligent electronic cabinet lock that uses mobile phone Bluetooth as the primary door-opening method.
Low power consumption and long standby time support close-range automatic cabinet lock.

Without the mechanical key, the Bluetooth drawer lock supports triggering a Bluetooth signal to unlock the cabinet to reduce power consumption. Support multiple users to share the same cabinet unlocking authority, check cabinet lock records at any time, and replace the battery.

  • Mobile phone unlocking, convenient and quick
  • You can open the Bluetooth smart cabinet lock in the mobile Internet era by opening the mobile APP. It solves the problem that the traditional cabinet lock cannot open the cabinet lock remotely.
  • Strong adaptability, the signal is free from environmental interference.
  • The Bluetooth transmission speed is higher, the unlocking experience will be better, and the volume is smaller.
  • High security
  • Smart products are relatively quickly affected by the environment. Bluetooth security has standards for authentication, authorization, encryption, and data privacy. The Bluetooth intelligent cabinet lock does not have to be connected to the network all the time, which significantly reduces the chance of someone invading your house.
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