Bluetooth Smart Lock for Apartment and Hotel

Every Bluetooth smart lock for an apartment or hotel will need to install the APP management system and requires a gateway to cooperate with WIFI to achieve networking. It is also widely used in serviced apartments, AIR B & B, and rental houses.


The Bluetooth smart lock’s most significant advantage is that it can remotely perform remote management operations on the Bluetooth lock through the APP.

  • When the administrator receives the customer’s booked property information, he can send key details, hotel room information, etc., to the guests remotely through the mobile phone’s management system.
  • Hotel guests receive the electronic key or password sent by the administrator. When they arrive at the room, they can turn on the Bluetooth or password to open the door.
  • Each time they open the door, they record the opening, including the user’s nickname, key, password attributes, and door opening time. Staff, you can view the first records in real time.
  • After checking out, you can delete the authorization password remotely.

Mobile App Bluetooth Door Lock APP Register and Operation Video

Frequently Asked Questions

Bluetooth locks are generally used for apartments, rental houses, Airbnb rooms, and remote and unified management rooms.

Safety is always a relative concept; the lock role, Always prevents the gentleman but does not prevent the thief. And violent cracks can also open most smart locks. Also, almost 60% of smart Bluetooth locks can be hacked.

So, whether Bluetooth locks are secure or not, Bluetooth locks can bring you more convenience.

Yes, ShineACS Locks offers iPhone and Android mobile apps for Bluetooth locks. Both of them are free.

You can download our mobile app with our Bluetooth locks user manual when you receive our Bluetooth locks.

Yes, please check our Bluetooth lock video with this youtube video.

Yes, you can! After connecting our Bluetooth lock to our mobile application via Bluetooth, you can now manage and control all Bluetooth.

  • You can generate a time-limited password, limited period password, and Bluetooth key with our application for your guest.
  • You can also connect our locks with wifi so that you can control and manage all the locks through a mobile application remotely over the Internet.
  • You can send the password to your guest remotely via WhatsApp and FB messages in our mobile application.
  • You can also set and issue RFID cards for each lock; your guest can open the front door and their room door.

Yes, we can offer Bluetooth lock mobile app SDK for your development, but it is not free.

If you need it after you buy our Bluetooth locks, please contact us to know more details about SDK.

Our Bluetooth lock mobile app currently supports English, Chinese, and Spanish!

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What are Bluetooth smart locks for apartments?

The Bluetooth smart lock for an apartment is a smart lock that can open the apartment lock through the mobile APP after the lock is connected to the mobile phone’s Bluetooth.

Corresponding mobile apps generally accompany Bluetooth smart door locks.

The application of Bluetooth function in smart locks is efficient and extensive. Connecting smart locks with mobile phones through Bluetooth can realize smart locks’ settings, management, and mobile APP Bluetooth unlocking.

How Do Bluetooth Door Locks Work?

After enabling a Bluetooth key lock, the first question is, how do Bluetooth door locks work?

One of the best Bluetooth door lock brands is the Kevo, which connects via Bluetooth.

Firstly, a user should install the Bluetooth door lock app named Kevo app. Then after activating the Kwikset Kevo, it should be connected with the application downloaded on the smartphone.

To see the Bluetooth entry door lock, a user must remove the rear portion of the lock and push the programming key.

Smart Card Keyless Bluetooth Front Door Lock For Retal House SL-BD3

After this, your smart lock unlocks Bluetooth, is connected to your mobile, and works as a primary device.

After establishing the primary device, the Bluetooth door lock will only interact with the smart device connected via the Kevo app.

When it comes to smart locks and unlocking Bluetooth devices, the most concerning thing is the safety and security of our house.

Makers of Bluetooth-based door lock systems focus on both functions, including convenience and safety.

They also allow you to offer single key access with some limits so that visiting relatives or maids can reach your residence without your consent.

Can Bluetooth door locks Be Hacked?

Most smart door locks have an in-built Bluetooth feature. The hacker can employ a Bluetooth scanner to unlock, which is unusual but feasible.

This is the rarest condition through which a hacker can hack your Bluetooth door lock and requires extensive experience and understanding of coding.

Also, knowledge of computers to take out the data from smartphones to hack a Bluetooth bedroom door lock or any other door lock.

Bluetooth Smart Lock 5

We have listed for users the significant reasons why the Bluetooth-enabled door locks were hacked:

  • Replay Attacks- Record the signal language and replay the lock will quickly help the hacker unlock your Bluetooth door lock.
  • Vulnerable to fuzzing– The valid command bytes are changed to open an error condition that might help unlock the door lock. (Okidokey)
  • By downloading the APK from the Android smartphone, changing it from dex to jar, and then decompiling it, you may open the smart Bluetooth-enabled door lock. (Dana lock)
  • Device spoofing: This method helps an attacker unlock your door, where an attacker can access an intelligent gadget on a network. (Bitlocker Padlock)
  • August Smart Lock: Almost all August smart lock has an in-built Bluetooth feature and Wi-Fi, allowing hackers to control the smart lock via different connectivity. A user can re-set the factory settings after that and can easily access to unlock the door.
  • Brute Force Attack: It is extensive research that depends on the possibility of combining a specific eight-digit pin code to unlock your Bluetooth door lock set.
  • Cracking API code: The Master API admin code in the compromised August Lock has been hard-coded.

The Door opening type of Bluetooth smart lock for apartment

In most cases, the door opening methods supported by the Bluetooth smart lock for apartment locks are Bluetooth unlock, key unlock, password unlocks, IC card unlocks, and Wi-Fi unlock.

Bluetooth unlock

After the mobile phone’s Bluetooth and the lock are paired, the mobile phone can be quickly unlocked using Bluetooth within a specific range.

Bluetooth key unlock

After the Bluetooth bright door lock for the apartment door is connected with the apartment manager’s app for the first time, guests in other apartments can no longer use the APP to manage the apartment lock.

The apartment manager can remotely generate and share a Bluetooth key with the apartment customers through the app.

On the customer’s mobile APP, the apartment guest can use the Bluetooth key to open the door after connecting the Bluetooth of the mobile phone to the apartment lock.

Through the intelligent lock’s Bluetooth function, users can send temporary Bluetooth keys more flexibly, allowing friends to enter conveniently in time, even if they are not at home.

The user can set the name of the Bluetooth key, the number of times it can be used, the key’s validity period, the number of users (single/multiple), and remarks.

Each Bluetooth key provides a delete key, which can delete or disable keys that are in use or have been invalid, which is very convenient. At the same time, the use of permission settings can be more detailed settings for the key.

Each key can choose single and multiplayer modes suitable for multi-scene use in terms of the number of users. It is worth mentioning that multiple Bluetooth electronic keys can be created simultaneously as required.

After sharing the Bluetooth electronic key with friends, the sharer can still view and manage each key’s information in the key list menu. In the Sharer key list, you can see in detail the number of times each key has been used, the expiration date, and the unlocking records of all users.

Password Unlock

The apartment manager can generate a password through the mobile phone APP and send it to the customer’s mobile phone via WhatsApp, ems, FB message, etc.

Then the customer can use this password to open the smart locks for apartment buildings—no need to use WIFI or the Internet.

The administrator can produce different types of passwords to meet the needs of other customers. Support single-use, permanent-use, limited-time use, and recycling use.

According to different personnel, the password setting can be more diversified.

You can set the number of opening times in the key usage options. If it is only a friend who is visiting temporarily, you can set it once;

If a friend frequently visits in a short period, you can set it several times or uncheck the option of limiting the number of times.

IC card unlock

The administrator can make the corresponding room’s IC card for customers through the mobile app.

Bluetooth must be turned on when making an IC card, and the phone and lock must be within range. IC card supports limited time, words, and permanent use.

What Needs to Consider When Choosing Bluetooth Door Locks?

1. How long is the battery life of the Bluetooth door lock?

First, battery life is essential (likewise rule # 11 in my listing of necessary clever house ideas). It is one of the most significant variables for many who intend to purchase an intelligent Bluetooth door lock.

Bluetooth Smart Lock 6

After all, some homes run electric wiring to their doors, suggesting that clever locks depend on batteries for power.

There are a lot of variables that influence battery life, not the least of which is precisely how the lock wirelessly attaches. Z-Wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi are the most common connection integrations.

You are likely familiar with Wi-Fi and also Bluetooth. Nonetheless, suppose Z-Wave or Zigbee is new to you.

In that case, the most convenient explanation is that they are wireless protocols– or languages– for your intelligent devices suitable for home automation. (You can learn more about both technologies right here.).

Why does the kind of wireless connection impact battery life? Z-Wave and Zigbee can operate at meager power, whereas Wi-Fi calls for far more. Bluetooth uses relatively little power yet additionally features a lower data transfer.

In general, it’s worth recognizing that Wi-Fi usually uses excessive power to be feasible for a battery-powered gadget.

Nevertheless, as with any rule, there are some exceptions, and the same is true for smart Bluetooth door locks.

And also, developments in battery innovation, integrated with how routers improve Wi-Fi standby functions, suggest that some locks can do well using a Wi-Fi link.

No matter your cordless link, you’ll intend to look at battery life and consider what is practical for you.

Suppose this is for a rental residential or commercial property. In that case, you don’t often check out; much longer battery life may be more critical than in your house, where you can more often change out batteries effortlessly.

2. Does it work with any wise buzzers?

Compatibility needs to belong to your decision. You’re mosting likely to wish to make sure any smart home product you acquire will be compatible with any home automation you already use.

For example, buying a Z-Wave lock will require a Z-Wave center to control it. If your existing gadgets use various innovations, you should decide to simplify them either currently or down the road. And also, it may mean you must consider multiple selections.

This is especially appropriate when it pertains to your smart buzzer. Even if you do not possess a clever buzzer today, you might intend to obtain one in the future.

Because situation, it would undoubtedly be unbelievably handy if your lock and doorbell collaborate.

3. How Well Does the Auto-Unlock Job?

Here are my two cents on auto-unlock: if I can’t get my clever lock to auto-unlock when I get home, I do not see the factor of having a wise lock.

This is hard to do well due to the safety and security effects.

Bluetooth Smart Lock 7

However, having your smart Bluetooth door lock readied to unlock when your mobile phone reaches the front door can be hassle-free.

There is no need to handle an armload of groceries or a resting child to mess up with the lock or your mobile phone. Instead, you need to turn the handle and go in.

4. What happens if there’s a failure?

I just stated why I enjoy an auto-unlock function. But sometimes, the most effective auto-unlock system will also not work.

You don’t want to be stuck calling a locksmith professional or attempting to identify precisely how to break into your own home.

Possibly your phone isn’t on you, or its battery is dead. In these instances, the perfect backup approach is a keypad.

Moreover, keypads are also helpful when developing temporary keys for visitor access (see below).

Yet what happens if there’s an electrical failure like a dead battery? In those circumstances, you’ll intend to have a mechanical failsafe (an elegant means to state “vital”) that allows access to your home.

5. Does it allow visitor access?

Most of us rarely require to allow somebody right into the house when we aren’t there.

Yet, the ability to produce short-lived keys for guest access can be convenient, even if you do not regularly take advantage of it.

Prospective applications could be when you have a house cleaner, a family pet sitter, or even a friend or relative who needs to swing by when you don’t house.

For this reason, smart Bluetooth door locks are unbelievably preferred among Airbnb hosts.

You can quickly establish custom-made lock codes for every set of guests and turn them off when the rental arrangement is up. You can also revoke visitor gain access at any time.

It is worth remembering that some firms bill for short-lived gain access. If this is an attribute you intend to utilize often, discover if it consists of or is an optional add-on.

6. Is it compatible with your door?

We already discussed compatibility with your existing wise house or wise buzzer established, yet there’s another compatibility aspect to think about.

How To Choose Bluetooth door locks?

Smart door locks and a complete smart home solution include several functions that may make day-to-day home administration easier.

Even they can provide homeowners with access management capabilities that no traditional lock can. How do you determine which smart Bluetooth door lock is best for you when so many alternatives are on the market?

Remote access

Generally, not all Bluetooth door locks can be accessed through the Internet or a cellphone.

Only Bluetooth connection is available on some models. Its short-distance transmission method reduces the lock’s power and allows users to connect straight from another Bluetooth device.

However, Bluetooth devices are not always Wi-Fi devices. Thus, door locks cannot connect to the rest of the home network.

Some locks have optional Wi-Fi adaptors or accessories that can be integrated into a more extensive system.

Customized access

However, it is not the only approach to dealing with visitors necessary while you are not home remotely and individually. Custom access codes are possible with many smart locks. This means you may give your daughter one code and the dog walker a different one.

Hands-free access

Most Bluetooth door locks may be connected to your phone or programmed to conduct geo-fencing when part of a more extensive system.

In each of these circumstances, the lock detects your presence and instantly opens the door without you having to do anything.

Anyone who has tried to get through the door with a bag of groceries or a dog that refuses to cooperate will appreciate this tiny convenience for its win.

Battery life: 

Because batteries power smart locks, compare the estimated battery life of the various models you’re considering.

Also, search for choices showing how much battery life is left so you don’t get locked out due to a deadlock battery.

Lock codes: 

The method codes are maintained, the level of detail that may be provided to them, and even the amount of principles that can be supported differ amongst locks.

Consider how many different codes you’ll need once while weighing your alternatives. Some systems require an app to generate codes, while others let you use the keypad directly.

Which strategy do you wish to take? Also, don’t forget to look at things such as establishing code expiration dates.

Keys and fobs:

Although several Bluetooth door locks do not have a keyway, many do. Selecting a model that allows for usage with a physical key may be a smart backup plan if you are not excellent about changing your batteries before they run out of energy.

Consider a lock with a key fob as a backup plan for people who frequently look at a cell phone with just 2% battery life.

Staying stranded on the porch with a dead phone isn’t fun.


Is it possible to use the lock with other smart home systems? Is it possible to add standard smart home instructions like “End of the night” to lock doors, close garage doors, arm the alarm system, reduce the thermostat, and turn off the lights?


Does the lock have an alarm if it’s tampered with or misused? Will it ping if the door is left open? Consider the security alerts of the lock itself.

Innovations in Bluetooth Door Lock

Large-scale device networks in smart buildings are now powered by Bluetooth technology.

These device networks enable businesses to control, monitor, and automate critical infrastructure solutions, increasing network dependability and extending the life of vital equipment while maximizing your smart building investment.

Some Bluetooth door locks with a camera have a motion-sensitive wide-angle and take a picture whenever someone uses the safety. Bluetooth will be used to link this smart lock.

Because you don’t have to match your current deadbolt, smart locks for doors with simply a handle or knob are among the most accessible locks to pick from the market or online from Amazon with a search Bluetooth door lock on Amazon.